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Gettin fixing,any week now, to have my only Grand sON BIRTHED, _INTO THE EARTH FROM hEAVEN. GODS WILL, will BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN heavens. gIVE US THIS DAY to try to make things better.
tHE bAbYSHOWER was BLESSED AND Marc and Keyuna had a good time.

I WANT TO Thank all of YOU FOR THE LOVEY gIFTS. I THANK gOD FOR YOU, AND HAS SINCE ASKED Our Father to send a Speedy Blessing your way and let you know that it was from him..with love and Knowing and trusting in him with nO dOUBT. trusting THat he is, and will, always on time!

…I sill cannot wrapped my self around it all: that little girl, is now about to be a Grandmother! Where has all the Time gone……..and so fast.